We begin!

It hit me Sunday morning when I woke up. We are leaving the country in just over 3 weeks! I am really, really excited about this. I’m also daunted by the list o s**t to do! But today, after a visiting friend departed from the guesthouse, I felt that momentum kick in. And so it begins!

There has actually been a fair amount of activity already, but today I got to begin packing in earnest as the Bucket (as our guesthouse is known) will be primary storage space. There’s stuff to come with us, stuff to store, stuff to re-home, stuff to just toss out. Stuff. I’m hoping that one of the benefits of 9 months away from home will be that I can get a clear perspective on all sorts of aspects of our life here in Boise. One aspect is certainly the amount of stuff that we have. It’s too much. Especially now that there’s a kid involved. People in Europe tend to do quite well with less, so I hope on our return, I will have absorbed that!

In the meantime, I have to go deal with all this stuff!


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