Into the Delta

Into the Delta is a more recent project meant to explore the ecosystems and landscapes on the planet that are most vulnerable to climate change. My focus has become more and more centered on water as this element is at the crux as weather is altered by human activity. We exist in a closed system where water takes only a few forms- ice, liquid or gas. None escapes the small bubble in which we exist. It is only altered. But these alterations have remarkable impact on the way every living thing functions on the planet. Too much can render a place uninhabitable by animals or humans. Too little can deprive an ecosystem of all but the most tenacious of plants and creatures.

My most recent travels have been to the arctic where warming is highest and impact most evident. Glaciers recede and deflate visibly from one year to the next, adding water to the oceans and changing everything from currents to precipitation everywhere else. Eqi Glacier had lost 2 kilometers of length and over 100 meters in height in the two years prior to my visit which was clearly marked on the lateral moraines of the glacier. This was my first opportunity to photograph a landscape in such an in depth way, from the tiniest of plants and lichens to grand vistas of the glacier and the ice sheet that blankets most of Greenland.

The next chapter of Into the Delta will be to journey the length of the Colorado River. The waters of this river provide the lifeblood for huge numbers of humans and animals. It is used and abused as it travels from North-Western Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico and it is particularly vulnerable to changes in climate and pollution.