Many of the works in these pages have been sold, but some are still available. If you are interested in more information, please contact me.



Endangered Spaces

As we in wealthier countries spread ideologies of capitalism, resource use and globalization, we transmit a feeling of entitlement as well. To some degree, we have undone the mechanisms of balance in the world. And, although there can be astonishing beauty in the resulting destruction, I feel we must redefine our sense of entitlement to one of responsibility to care for that over which we perceive we have dominion. My most recent paintings document distressed landscapes, specifically reflecting the evidence of our impact on the planet. These landscapes are examined at varying distances from the earth’s surface using the technology available on Google Earth. It is only through satellite images that the true scale of the consequences of resource extraction, pollution and overuse are evident.
Tibet I.jpg


The Order Series is a series of paintings, drawings and sculptures incorporating the forms of landscape, from satellite images, trees, natural objects and images from arteriograms. This exploration of the interior/exterior relationship of our own bodies and their failings and fragility to those of the earth reveals many systemic relationships. It seems that we cannot fill our rivers with silt without blocking our own blood flow. We cannot damage and poison the surface of the earth without consequences to our tissues. This series is possible only with the help of Dr. Lisa Scales to whom I am most grateful.


Conformation is a series of drawings done in 1998 exploring structures that humans have borrowed from nature. While the drawings are abstract, they pull from the armatures of flight, growth, balance and weight.
c44-Embryonic AttachmentsRed.jpg

Nomadic Possibilities

Nomadic Possibilities is a series made in 1997 while pondering movement and relationship. Media include inks, pastels, graphite and charcoal for the works on paper. Sculptures are made with clay or plaster. Many of the paper pieces are large scale, up to 60" x 84". Clay works are made with stoneware and fired to cone 6. These are finished with terra sigilata and glazes.